the philosophy


There is more to a Casa Zen holiday than sunshine, sea breezes and stunning views. It is the very epitome of the Dolce Vita.

The taste of Ligurian cuisine, with pesto, Taggiasca olive oil and delicate fish from some of the deepest marine waters in Italy.
The smell of fragrant rosemary, sage, lavender, mimosa and thyme, in a blend of scents that come together all year round, in both howling gales and light breezes through the salty air.
The sight of breathtaking views of the mountains plunging into the sea and enchanting beaches tucked away between lush green headlands covered with venerable olive trees.
Hearing the breaking waves, the sounds of nature and the silence of the mountains.
The marvellous feeling every time you reach out and touch the pristine local environment.


The houses


All of our houses are typical Ligurian homes in a medieval setting. They are fully equipped for guaranteed comfort, with services such as year-round climate control, Wi-Fi and satellite TV.
Every thirty minutes a free bus provides access to wharfs for docking and to both pebbly beaches and fine, sandy beaches.

apartment Ines

apartment Giuli



Via Parasio, 55 c/o Next Future Research, 18100 Imperia IM


Lat.: 43.8736654 - Lon.: 8.0144998